Tesla’s are special vehicles that are complex and take special skill and knowledge to repair to their exacting standards.  It takes a specialized body shop to repair your Tesla back to its original factory specifications.



We use only genuine Tesla parts on all repairs. Parts and components on your Tesla are complex in nature and use aluminum, steel, and composites to balance cost and function. Replacing damaged parts with aftermarket parts can only hinder the integrity and value of your Tesla.




We will gladly give you an estimate on your car needs and repair cost (we provide the most accurate damage report and repair quote using computerized estimating) Help you get car insurance approval. Make any necessary repairs in our on-site body repair shop (we are dedicated to precision in structural/frame/body damage repair)




Do any needed bodywork, dent repair and paint your car right in our car paint shops (we use only the original manufacturer’s paint lines to produce the perfect color match)And even help you find a rental car while your car is being serviced in our auto body repair shop or auto body paint shop.